Comprehensive Protection for New and Pre-Owned Watercraft

  • Nationwide Protection

    Coverage provided throughout the Continental United States and Canada.

  • Fully Transferrable

    Increases your watercraft’s resale value.

  • Service Assistance

    Dockside Assistance / Tow Up Reimbursement.

  • Hoist Out, Block and Back into Water Reimbursement

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  • Lake Test / Sea Trial Reimbursement

  • Direct Payment to Repair Facility.

All internally lubricated parts to include: Pistons, rings and pins; crank shaft and main bearings; connecting rods and bearings; timing belts/chains/gears; rocker arms; valve covers; intake and exhaust valves, springs, guides, seats and spring retainers; push rods; reed valves; reed block; lifters; camshaft and bearings; ring gear; harmonic balancer; distributor housing, shaft and bearings; oil pump, pan and cooler; oil filter housing; engine mounts; all internally lubricated parts of the super/turbo charger and wastegate actuator; air intake housing; flywheel and flywheel housing; pump drive gears; idler gears; seals and gaskets. Engine cylinder block, cylinder heads, cylinder barrels, cases and housings are covered only if damaged as a result of the failure of an internally lubricated covered part

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